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Our Purpose

        Tallahassee Women's Newcomers Club (TWNC) bylaws state:  The primary purpose of "the Club" is to welcome members and to help them integrate into the community by providing social activities and settings in which members can form new friendships and pursue their interests."

        If you are a minimalist and this is all you need to know to move forward, use "Contact Us" to get directly in touch with a TWNC member for additional details, including a sample  newsletter and how to get started.  If you need a little more information, scroll down, and then go to "Contact Us."

        But, please always know that we welcome ladies new to our both idyllic and vibrant community and those who may have been here a few years or a great many more!

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About Us

Tallahassee Newcomers wholeheartedly mean “Welcome!”  and, when asked,  almost universally say, “This club saved my life!  I had nowhere to turn when I...(fill in the blank:  moved to Tallahassee; retired; – the story and your “new reason” to be looking at this website are your own)....”  Newcomers, now nearing a half century in existence, is a purely social club for mature women which offers some basics every month of the year as well as a plethora of “break out activities” where your true passion may lie and new friendships develop.

Monthly events include a luncheon, when at Fellowship Presbyterian Church, a potluck or a small fee if not providing a covered dish,  and, when at Golden Eagle Country Club, (as of April 2018) a fee of $20; a coffee at one of the member's lovely homes, and the same for the Happy Hour (one of the events that includes bringing a spouse or significant other as well as your beverage, if it contains alcohol, of choice and an appetizer to share).  It is yours to choose whether you attend any of these—you may become a “regular” or you may find your niche with one or more of the many breakout activities, most of which do not include a fee but do prefer a commitment (unless you're signing on as a possible substitute). 

Those breakouts we mentioned include book clubs, bridge, bunco, hand and foot, mahjongg, pinochle, a few of which are also designated for “couples” and some of which are evening events.  There is also “Game On!”, Lunch Buddies, Chick Flicks, and Bid Euchre.  You don't have to limit yourself to one or the other – we have some bridge players that try to be in enough bridge groups to play almost (and some twice!) daily, others that are members of several break-out groups, keeping busy several partial days each week.   And, don't forget the standard monthly events (which do not generally conflict with breakout activities) available to you! 

There is also Newcomers incredible gift, not just to members of the club, but frequently in visits to various community venues:  Music Makers!  And, my, these women steadfastly practice and then bring their beautiful song (along with witty and informative commentary) to their always appreciative audiences.  So, if you love to sing and want to bring your special gift forward, please make yourself known!

And, yes, we do have occasional field trips involving a day or less (think theater or a visit to one of our multiple art venues or museums or special places near and dear to the heart of Tallahassee), and, very occasionally, an overnight trip for a special event and which is made affordable to us when other, larger groups sign on and the managing travel agency lets it be known that it is also open to others. 

So, how do you learn the nitty-gritty, including learning the ridiculously small annual fee to join?  Click below to email right now!  Our gracious ladies who volunteer to respond will send you a copy of the current Newcomer News, your most important tool in keeping track of when and where you want to be  and will also include words encouraging you to come to a luncheon and meet the crowd that'll get you started in your fabulous Newcomers' adventure. 

 It's easy-going, and it's fun! 

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