Remember that old song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”?  Well, Tallahassee Womens' Newcomers Club (TWNC) firmly believe that mature women just wanna have fun, too!  And we are ready to meet YOU! 

You may have lived here 40 years or 40 minutes – doesn't matter!  What matters is your finding this great resource which includes friendly, intelligent, women who love being social within the context of this inexpensive but well-organized club whose existence is hovering around 50 years and currently has about 220 members. That bespeaks success!  (P.S. Many members of TWNC also make close personal friends who have their own adventures as well!) 

Take a look at what TWNC has to offer and allow yourself to be smitten—take wings and fly!


Each month, we enjoy a luncheon at an across-the-board cost of $15 (except when we have a potluck when you are encouraged to bring a covered dish for 12).  The luncheon also includes a program.  Six lunches  will be at Fellowship Presbyterian Church and six at St. Paul's United Methodist Church. Food at the luncheons may be potlock, catered, or box lunches; that information will be in the monthly Newsletter.   There will be a lottery, where the lucky winner wins half the proceeds of tickets sales for the lottery, and will now be held at both churches.
      We also host a coffee in one of the member's lovely homes with several women volunteering to be co-hostesses (i.e., each brings a covered dish suitable for a brunch).  This is a great way to meet Newcomers on a more personal level.
    There is also a happy hour where a member opens her home and each attendee brings an appetizer to share (and perhaps a guest or significant other) as well as a beverage if your choice is one that contains alcohol.    
    It is yours to choose whether you attend any of these—you may become a “regular” or you may find your niche with one or more of the many breakout clubs—or create your own combo! 


Book, bridge, bunco, hand and foot, mahjongg, and pinochle clubs, a few of which are also designated for “couples” and some of which are evening events.  There is also “Game On!” and “Game On 2!”, “Triple Play,” and each first  Saturday evening of the month “Game Night” which includes supper brought by the participants.  There is also a new “Not So Gourmet Couples' Dinner Club.”   You don't have to limit yourself to one or the other – we have some bridge players that try to be in enough bridge groups to play almost (and some twice!) daily, others that are members of several breakout groups, keeping busy several partial days each week.    


With our very own  Music Makers!  The women of this group  steadfastly practice and then bring their beautiful song (along with witty and informative commentary) to their always appreciative audiences, whether “in house” or in visits to various community venues.  So, if you love to sing and want to bring your special gift forward, please make yourself known! 

FOOTBALL (no kidding!)

 Indeed, we have a delightful wife/husband team which opens their door annually to all Newcomers (Note: Happy Hour rules apply) for the Super Bowl.  Ladies who are timid and think they would be isolated at this event should rethink their thinking!  It appears that couples and singles are almost equally divided and seemingly often divide into men and women to simply enjoy being social (well, yes, there are some die-hard football fans, too—TVs available and tuned in).

THE IFFies Yes, we do have the occasional field trip involving a day or less (think theater or a visit to one of our multiple art venues or museums or special places near and dear to the hearts of Tallahasseeans); and, the very occasional, overnight trip for a special event and which is made affordable to us when other, larger groups sign on and the managing travel agency lets it be known that it is also open to others. 


So, now you have the nitty-gritty, but how do you get started?  Click “CONTACT US”  to email right now!  Our friendly, knowledgeable ladies who volunteer to respond will send you a copy of the current Newcomer News,  provided as a “pro forma” of what you can expect to receive monthly from the dedicated people who keep this tool most important to us in our quest to be active and social—and at the right place and the right time each month (the last page is a calendar summary) as we gracefully and happily age.  They will also include friendly words encouraging you to come to a luncheon and meet the crowd that'll get you started on your great Newcomers' adventure.  It's easy-going, and it's fun!  Just take a look at the “Photo Galleries,” and you'll surely see a future with TWNC! 

Easy stuff.  And lifelong friends in the waiting and for the making. Dont'cha just wanna have fun, too? 

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